One of the things I do


At the end of May, 1998, I stumbled across the world of MUSHing - that is to say, an online, text-based roleplaying system - and was instantly hooked. For the better part of the next six years, I spent a great deal of my time playing a variety of games based on Anne McCaffrey's 'Dragonriders of Pern' series. I have much less time to play, these days, but I still enjoy the hobby.

Characters present

Amaryllia, Healer Craftsecond (NC)
My oldest remaining character (created June 20th, 1998), Amaryllia began as an eleven or twelve turn old, and was promptly apprenticed. She's now well into her thirties, and Craftsecond of the Healer Craft. Mostly idle now, however.

R'hyn, Bronze Arisvath's rider at Fort Weyr (TF)
R'hyn began on Otaku MUSH in 2000, and Impressed soon after. He was Wingleader for a while, until the game closed in 2001, and I transferred him to TF. He was Weyrleader at Ista for a while, but was replaced, and after the game moved to Fort, became Weyrleader there, instead. He's since been supplanted once more, and looks set to retire into the background... maybe.

Loudy, Brown Rhanath's rider and Asst. Lighthouse Keeper at Kalseru Weyr (FF)
The daughter of two super traditionalist holders from the isolated southern continent, Loudy was sent to Kalseru to become a Dragonrider, for the benefit of her family. Imagine her inner turmoil. She Impressed brown Rhanath, and is now back to doing what she does best: working in the Lighthouse.

Characters Past

Arilla, Weyrlingmaster at Who Knows Weyr (FW)
Forgotten Weyrs is, alas, very idle these days, hence Arilla's inactivity. She's an older character, from 1999ish, who Impressed blue Emorith, and eventually become Weyrlingmaster.

Auralia, Greenrider at Southern Weyr (SC)
Created January 1999, Auralia was my second character ever to Impress - to green Iesath, a month or two later. She was Southern's Weyrsecond between April 2000 and January 2002, at which point I retired her due to lack of interest in both game and character.

Eleynia, Wingsecond at Ierne Weyr (II)
1999ish, I believe. Eleynia had a reasonably short shelf-life: after her clutch graduated, RP pretty much died on the game. She was Wingsecond from the moment she graduated, riding green Chianth, though, which always struck me as being cool.

C'haer, Bluerider at Kalseru Weyr (FF)
An Insta, created in 2001, C'haer is a Firelizard Trainer in Interval Frostfire. He's in his forties, and can be fun, but I lack the inspiration to keep up with him, these days.

Fiora, Bluerider at Telgar Weyr (NC)
My first ever rider character, Fiora was created in mid-1998, and Impressed early in 1999. She was Wingsecond and Wingleader at Fort, before I transferred her to Telgar, where she was, later, Wingsecond again. She's now retired.

Hanneke, Greenrider at Ista Weyr (DF)
Created in 2001, Hanneke was a ditzy Harper turned ditzy Greenrider with whom I had a lot of fun. She was high maintenance, however, and during a period of my life when I had no energy, she kind of drifted away from me.

Ilesyn, Brownrider at Fort Weyr (SS)
Journeywoman Mindhealer and dragon-hater turned Brownrider - Ilesyn was absolutely brilliant to play, but politics on the game made me leave. It's a shame; she's one of my favourite characters ever.

Ismaye, Headwoman at Ista Weyr (TF)
My first TF character, from April 2000, Ismaye has been the Headwoman almost since she began. She's still a cameo character, but a very, very rarely played one.

Kyriele, Goldrider at Oriel Outpost (BR)
I loved the theme of this game: though a goldrider, Kyriele had no rank whatsoever, and lived in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of other outcasts. She fit right in - she was something like Mary from Pride and Prejudice, with a bouncy, overenthusiastic lifemate. The game lost its host, and shut down.

Larya, Bluerider at Monaco Weyr (SS)
Larya was just a teenager when she Impressed, and she ended up becoming a mother within ten months of graduation. Then, she became a Wingleader before she was nineteen. In short, she did too much too soon, and I ended up idling her out. I miss her, though, every so often - and Winnoth, her Bill Gates blue.

Lydiere, Retired Weyrwoman at Ista Weyr (PW)
I miss Lydiere sometimes; she was a complex, well-planned character with whom I had some great times. The game sucked, though, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make my weyr worthwhile in spite of this. I ended up losing my hold on her, too.

S'ara, Brownrider at Starmount Weyr (FF)
S'ara was my first brownrider, and another of my early characters, from mid-1999. She become Assistant Weyrlingmaster for a long, long time, and I idled on and off, until I lost access to this game (and only this game - no idea what happened, there), and had trouble coming back, when I finally could.

Talysen, Starcraft Master at Ista Hold (TF)
Mostly a cameo character, Talysen is a sharp-tongued, lazy, good for nothing Starcrafter with a brilliant mind for mathematics. Shame about the people skills. She's a lot of fun to play, from time to time, but I don't bring her out often because she can be hard to get into the headspace of.