So what is this all about anyway?

All about me

Name: Louise Elena. Louise is a family name on my mother's side, which suited my father perfectly, because he 'always wanted a little Louise'. Elena (Ee-lay-nuh) was the first middle name they could find that they both liked - originally, I was supposed to be Kathryn Louise, which changed slightly when my twin sister was born.

Vital Stats: Born in May, 1984. Short, slender, redheaded (with only a little bit of help), brown eyes, freckles.

Interests: Reading, writing, roleplaying, movies, fantasy and science fiction, computers, dark chocolate, libraries, Roman history.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Professional Life: I am currently employed as a secretary/receptionist for a small company in the Sydney CBD. It's not a job I enjoy, so I have resumed my university studies by correspondence, with an aim to get my BA in Library and Information Science. No, I am not going to be a twinset and blue-rinse Librarian.

Other important things: I have two parents, still together, a brother named Andrew (+2), and a twin sister named Kathryn, all of whom I live with (for the moment). I'm happily in a relationship. I keep a journal. I'm bisexual, an atheist and left-wing leaning. I'm shy, but that doesn't mean I don't have anything to say.

All about this site

I purchased in September 2002, as a reward for finding a new job. The job didn't last, but the domain did - with rather a few changes in site design along the way. The name comes from a Latin word, which means 'pertaining to summer'; given I have both an affection for the Latin language and a love of summer, it suits me well.

Some of the designs this site (and the one before it) has gone through include:

Blooming Poppies ~ An Agony in Eight Fits ~ I am a Rock, I am an Island
I am Not Prince Hamlet ~ Full of Grace ~ In the Pit of Red ~